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International Hacktevism Report
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Hi guys,
I've found a great link to an international police report about the uprising of the people and the internet hackers.

Hope you enjoy it.

to get the PDF click on the link below:


Page 74:
Dutch national high tech crime unit
The Dutch national High Tech Crime Unit (nHTCU) is a team within the Dutch national Police agency, dedicated to investigating advanced forms of cybercrime.
The team’s vision is to make the netherlands an unsafe place for cybercrime . In addition to Dutch victims and criminals, this includes the use of Dutch infrastructure in criminal activities .
The team specializes in using out-of-the-box investigation methods and techniques to find and target the most important players in the criminal chain .
The team has excellent contacts in north america and Western and eastern europe, and often plays the role of bridge builder between high tech crime units in different countries .
Another success factor is the advanced cooperation with other public and private partners, where information is freely shared and joint strategies are implemented . an example of such cooperation can be read in the description of the bredolab case .
The nHTCU recently started up the Dutch electronic Crimes Task force, a new cooperation with financial and other parties to institutionalize public-private partnership as a means to actively combat certain types of cybercrime