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Mark Stone was a police employed infiltrater who blew the whistle on the scale of the state strategy of infiltration of free thinking activist movements.  The reality of the employment of thousands of such infiltrators (in the UK alone) was confirmed by a senior police officer.  Mark Stone had been embedded for 7 years, suggesting that individuals will exist having been embedded for similiar (and longer) periods of time. 
Occupy and other component movements of the Peoples Assembly are the most critical and important movement in human history,  therefor it can be expected as a certainty that many of these individuals are amongst us and using a variety of techniques within our community.   It is also known that tens of thousands of agents are employed to control the internet and it can be assumed that the secret services of each country use such agents to great effect in disrupting productive conversations and to gather evidence against individuals.
It is also clear that a global infiltration of institutions of power (government / police / finance / media / military / legal / education/ religion) has been the goal of the New World Order elites and has been ongoing for centuries.  Therefor we can assume that a Global network of infiltraters exists and that individual cells of infiltraters are being engaged in a Global operation (with or without their knowledge) and are active components in building the New World Order.
Controlled opposition has been the machuvelian mandate of the elite for thousands of years and through this no revolution has ever succeeded, instead having the effect of establishing a new system of control, hailed as a victory by the people.  When revolution begins the elite establish agents from its outset who seek positions  of influence within the movement and who eventually emerge as heads of the new system.
The people cheer the appearence of victory but infact the effect is a continuation of slavery in the guise of a new beginning.   Eventually this new control system returns to advancing the globalist agenda whilst the people continue under the impression of their victory.  The cycle of revolution completes when the people realise they are under a system of slavery and again rise up to claim freedom,  however with agents amongst them who rise to power and ultimately ensure that there is no disruption to the power infrastructure and agenda of the Globalist elites. 
The strategies of co-option are the same as they have ever been.  To put in the perspective of Occupy and other component movements of the Peoples Assembly we can expect the goal to be the co-option and control of the structures that drive the direction of the movement. These include finance,  decision making and information (websites, twitter, facebook, email lists etc).  The most important being control of information, allowing the historic record to be written by the Globalists who represent the story of victory and silence the voices of the dissenters whose conversations are not represented in the historic record. 
The start point of infiltration will always be the start point of the movement as the infiltraitors will seek to establish themselves in positions of influence and control of the movement, so to steer it towards controlled opposition.   This is achieved by discrediting key people who threaten the controlled opposition agenda and blocking proposals and ideas that threaten the  controlled opposition agenda. 
  • Disruption of productive conversations by starting arguments (often inciting high controversy such as racism, feminsim, bigotry, sexism,  etc) and sowing of confusion,  used to great effect in online groups such as facebook, group spaces and collective text discussions. 
  • Discrediting Key people (accusations of high controversy,  attacks on credibility, legitmacy,  sanity etc) to push them away from positions of influence. Often using many of the techniques described here in conjunction. 
  • Intimidation and threats against key people and those in affinity with key people to reduce their influence and so they will be afraid to come back to the community.
  • Disinformation and sowing of confusion and disharmony often using others to spread this for them, both to conceal their identity.  Also used to target others and create suspicion that the targetted is the source of the disinfo.
  • People who have spotted the infiltration will be called paranoid and conspiracy theorists and will be targetted by many of the techniques described here to attack their legitimacy, sanity etc.   Paranoia is a state of mind between unknowing and knowing that these tactics are being used.  Once the knowing stage is reached there is no paranoia and we can begin deciding how to react and deal with the infiltrators.
  • Character types employed by embedded agents to cause disruption and disharmony include people with serious mental illness, people with drink and drug problems,  drug dealers, violent thugs and theives.  Often these individuals will already be in the employ of police  such as paid informants.  Agents are known to pretend to be alcoholics and feign drunkeness before employing other techniques described here.
  • Embedded agents and police information gatherers are known to carry covert surveilance equipment and some are paid to simply attend meetings.  We can assume that every communal space is bugged with audio and sometimes video surveliance equipment.  Everywhere there is a whispered conversation the walking microphones will attempt to get into the conversation.  Every group discussion will have such an agent present. 
  • Agents will pay/use others to cause disruption either directly or indirectly.  Techniques used might include buying a disruptive alcoholic a bottle of spirits, winding up people known to have bad tempers or bringing seriously mentally ill people into the community in order to cause disruption and disharmony in the group and to create an environment where others will not want to join. 
  • Theives and sabateurs will target critical equipment such as camp phones, computers,  printers, megaphones, email lists, funds etc.  Infiltraitors will attempt to position themselves in control of what is released through the information streams. 
  • Agents have sought to infiltrate and so seek control and influence over movements (Feminist groups, EDL, political groups, unions, militias etc)  that can then be employed as tools of disruption, controversy and  disharmony or as components to further the globalist agenda.
  • Discrediting and blocking of proposals and plans not under the controlled opposition agenda.  Meetings on critical subjects can be dilluted by setting similtaneous meetings (perhaps on the other side of town) with subjects that are popularly attended. 
  • Groups of embedded agents work together (stacking the stack) to control the progress of the meeting ensuring that critical discussion towards victory of the movement is kept to a minimum whilst discussion on other less critical subjects recieves the most attention.
  • At assemblies embedded Agents can interupt speakers using a variety of techniques often employing technical points to initiate conversations of high controversey or by starting arguments to disrupt the speaker. 
  • Agents acting as facilitators can control conversations by ignoring individuals requests to speak or placing them later in the queue to speak.  Sometimes used in conjunction with calling the end of the meeting or changing the subject to one of high controversey.   
  • Control of the Agenda and discussion is achieved by blocking critical subjects from reaching the agenda or ensuring they are at the end of the Agenda. Then making sure as much time as possible is spent on less critical subjects whilst critical subjects recieve little attention or fall off the agenda entirely. 
  • Groups of embedded agents can work together at assemblies seeking to stop consensus on critical subjects by swinging the vote or if this is not possible by  blocking consensus or attacking the legitimacy of the proposal or the proposer.   
  • With these agents embedded at each localised assembly it can be expected that when larger assemblies, such as national and international assemblies are taking place that these agents will attend in great numbers and will use these techniques to control the national and international direction of the movement.   With this technique it does not matter what is realised or discussed locally as the critical decisions are being made at a national and international level.  The only way to stop the co-option of our movement at this level is for those who are aware of this strategy to attend the national and international assemblies. 


Non Violent demonstrations are very difficult for the establishment to deal with because if the protesters are acting within the law the state would have to break the law in order to stop the protest.  They do this by using agent provocateurs (often who will dress all in black with hood and mask) who will carry out or cause illegal acts to be carried out which can then empower the state to act with all its resources to disperse the protest.   
  • Anyone with a mobile phone, especially a smart phone can be turned into a walking microphone,  a camera and a GPS locator.  Keep cameras covered on laptops, netbooks and smart phones to hide the identity of those in conversation.  Use older phones that do not have the inbuilt technology allowing this to happen. 
  • If in critical tactical meetings always take the battery out of the phone as this stops them being able to employ our own technology to disrupt us.   Routinely set fake tactical meetings and openly discuss tactics and targets to expose the infiltraitors amongst us and to create diversions for real actions. 
  • Agents will go to occupations and take photographs of items (clocks, lights etc)  within rooms, communal tents etc.  These objects will  then be recreated with a surveliance device inside and will be placed by the agent when no one is looking.   
  • It can be expected that on every occupation there will be a number of directional microphones pointed at the site which will follow certain individuals.  Transcripts of conversations are routinely created by agents of the state and are used to gather evidence against individuals.  We can routinely use this to spread disinformation and create diversions.
  • It can be expected that known individuals are constantly monitored with their location placed on a map using GPS.  It might be the case that when known individuals are in proximity that a computer will flag this up to a listening post and that the microphones on phones will be turned into listening devices. 
Extreme Cluedo is a game develeloped to spot infiltrators, sabateurs and co-opters and to identify the tactics being used against us but seperating the "paranoia" aspect of this discussion that leads to the implosion of the community.  Every time you meet a new person create a box for that person which you then place in your subconscious. 
Every time you see anything, even the slightest bit suspiscious or that doesnt add up by any degree place this information in the box.   Individuals who are deliberately employing these tactics will quickly become clear as the box fills up.  When you see a box filling up create a facedown card for the individual which is the identity of the individual. 
The Game begins when meetings are held with others.   Participants can share with each other the number of cards that they are holding and can discuss the tactics being used against the movement without identifying the individuals that are suspected.
In the course of this discussion it becomes clear that the same individual is being discussed at which point everyone turns over the card and the individual is revealed. At this point it is up to the community to decide how to respond.
The first tactic that will expose the infiltraitors is the knowledge of the tactics being used.  If all of us are aware of the tactics they use then they will not be able to use them without causing suspicion.
Set traps to expose the infiltrators and the walking microphones by analysing behaviour patterns of individuals.   Perhaps set meetings with the batteries out of your phones and watch to see who wanders in. 
Agents will routinely incite paranoia against others, often key members of the community to attack their legitimacy as a contributor to the movement.  It is important not to discuss the names of suspects as this is just feeding the paranoia aspect of their strategy leading ultimately to the implosion of the community.
If you become certain someone is an infiltraitor routinely feed them disinformation, set a trap to confirm your suspicion. 
Trace disinformation and disruption to its point of origin.  Often you will find this to be the same person using others to a create a screen to hide their activity.  Instead of identifying the suspected individuals immediately, put this evidence in the box in your subconscious. 
 Make a small group of people, all take the batteries out of your phone and walk around the corner.  Wait a short while and see who comes to follow you.
Begin a personal investigation of the suspect individual seeking to identify what other tactics they are employing and gathering further evidence.  Investigate who they are affinity with and especialy watch to see who they run to when suspicion against them is raised as this can expose several infiltraitors at once.  Infiltrators will always be working in teams.
In the knowledge that the infiltraitor is writing a report or recording a transcript which ends up on a security report reaching the high eschalons of power show the watching authorities that we are the good people and we fight the good fight.  The goal being to wake individuals up within the infrastructure of the state to the fact that, due to the co-option of government and other components of the infrastructure of power (using the techniques described here)  that they are being tricked into protecting mega criminals who should immediately be arrested to restore peace and order.


Identifying such individuals is always going to be a painful process for the community as they will invariably be someone who is loved and has been a welcome part of the community.  If the infiltrtaitors identity and activity is exposed they will often resort to efforts to turn those in their affinity groups against the exposer(s) employing many of the tactics described here in an attempt to hide their identity or to divide the community in an argument.  Other infiltrators in the community will defend them and assist in this process.  The legitimacy of the accuser will be questioned.   
In many cases the infiltraitors will be hard working individuals who have contributed greatly to the movement, sometimes making themelves indispensible in knowledge and skills.    These individuals are as welcome as any to take part in the process of change and they are useful to us in many respects.   As long as their activity is constructive and the playing field is level (everyone has equal voice) then there is no need to remove them from the movement.  They may choose to leave having been exposed or they may stay, forced into behaving themselves and participating fairly in the movement in a constructive manner. 
Disruptive influencers and sabateurs should be removed and banned from participation.  Their only purpose is to slow us down and stop us achieving as a movement.   Any affinity or personal attatchment to these individuals should be cast aside, in the knowledge that it is not a genuine attatchment on their part.  They seek only to destroy our efforts and the efforts of our community.  They are traitors in the highest regard and personal relationships, at least from their part are created only to be used against the community as a whole. 

*** this informtaion is vital to our success as a movement, please share ***

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