Dagelijkse archieven: 30 mei 2015

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Today the refugees voluntarily left the Vluchtbuilding. But so much for showing good will. Again the state proved to be treacherous. Never trust the government and its deciples. Mayor van der Laan is a lying thug. He is a pretentious puppet and a danger to the refugees. He showed his true face again today.

All peacefully the refugees left a building in Amsterdam again. Another eviction. It means nothing to the authorities. They play them for a fool. Are the refugees fools? No. But theres nothing else they can do. Because they are at risk of detention and deportation. They cant really fight. They fight as much as they can. They show themselves. They are HERE. And their lives are at stake. Their hands are tied. Their fingerprints are in the system. They are at large everyday. Theres always a cell available. Being here IS the fight. Being noticed IS the fight. Now van der Laan sent in his blood hounds and let them beat up the non-violent protesting refugees at the Stopera. He wants to drive them back into anonimity. They arrested five of them. So much for being peaceful. Tomorrow van der Laan will probably state that at the Stopera the refugees were acting agressively or criminal. Or he will blame the supporters like he did before. The cops will come up with false accusations. A perfect excuse for hunting down refugees and for locking them up and having them deported. The same excuse as the one used to offer them nothing more than BB&B which is not real shelter. Its just a poor excuse of it. False pretence. O we are doing so much for the refugees and we are truly trying to help them. Nothing but lies. They are the problem, right? The refugees. No. Not right. The state is the problem. Because the state needs borders. Capitalism is the problem. Because it needs to control the population, the work force so it needs the borders as well. It needs control and laws. We are all pawns in this neverending money game of pushing us all around and we are nothing but tools to use to serve the system.

So whats next? Fight the system. We gotta support the refugees. They are the first on the list of people to get rid of. Count on it: you are next. The masks have been dropped. The asylum policy is not an asylum policy. It is an annihilation policy. Its a death trap. Its a prison inside a prison inside a prison. Have you ever been there? I bet you havent. We dont know what its like. We must do what the refugees cant do. Fight back. Physically. Drive the blood hounds in a corner and stick it to them. Let van der Laan feel what its like to be running and hiding. City hall is no longer a safe place for him. And mister Dijkhoff the yuppie replacement of red neck Teeven who is sending more marines to the Med to make sure refugees dont reach Europe at all? Let him drown himself. He is just another terrorist in a suit and tie. Lets do it. Lets burn down the immigration police office. Its just a matter of gas and a match. How hard can it be? If you have a better solution, fine. Go right ahead. But sitting around doing nothing is no option. Destroy the system that holds refugees captive. In solidarity with all those locked up and on the street. Squatting is illegal but we do it. Even refugees do it. They take a lot of risk. Killing people is illegal but the state does it all the time. Who is the real terrorist? Who is the real profiteer? Thats all I gotta say right now. Peace is not peace as long as its war against a minority and if its war we need to arm ourselves to defend ourselves and our fellow beings. Words are not enough. Drop your privilege and take a risk. Its worth it and it needs to be done.

Robin Raven, Amsterdam May 29 2015

Refugees arrested so drop your privilege and take a risk