[OnePeopleOneSoul] The MorningStar flag of West Papua was made and recognised in…

[OnePeopleOneSoul] The MorningStar flag of West Papua was made and recognised in the early on the 1st of december 61 in cooperation with TheNetherlands, who started a 10year proces towards self determination for West Papua. In the time of cold war however TheNetherlands was blackmailed (treaten to stop the marshall development money) by the USA to hand over WestPapua to the then new Republic of Indonesia, in order to keep this new country as ally of the west instead of the sovjet union. Under the flag of the United Nations Indonesia occupied West Papua from 63 until 69, when a UN vote for self determination was staged by Indonesia under the same UN flag, known as the Act of No Choice. The western politics made sure this could happen in silence by for example sending journalist from international press agencies ANP/Reuters elswhere. The vote had to turn out in favour of inclusion into the Republic of Indonesia, because they already signed decades long contracts with western corporations (with the help of dutch prince bernard) to exploit the natural resources of West Papua.
Now more then 50 years later Papuans still raise the flag of hope for self determination, Sampari > TheMorningStar. It continues to be the defining symbol for a Free West Papua. Today, Papuan’s who raise the flag face arrest, torture and long jail sentences up to 15 years. Flag raising ceremonies have been attacked by Indonesian police and military, shots fired into crowds and violently dispersed. Despite this level of repression the Morning Star flag will again be raised by West Papuans this year on 1st December.
What can you do: The more international attention there will be for this important day for the Papuans on their road to self determination the more diffecult it will be for the Indonesian Republic and their security forces to abuse and violate the human rights of the Papuans.
1) Get a MorningStarFlag (buy, print, sew, etc)
2) Make a picture of yourself and the flag
3) Upload your fot on social media
4) Add #risemorningstar
5) Encourage others to do the same

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