[OnePeopleOneSoul] Operation: Sampari (MorningStar) 8) Every year during Vetera…

[OnePeopleOneSoul] Operation: Sampari (MorningStar) 8)

Every year during VeteransDay in TheNetherlands the DutchNewGuineaVeterans carry the Dutch flag and the WestPapuan flag, called Sampari or MorningStar. This year they will not carry the Sampari. Pressure from the organisation of the Veterans day led to this decision. Why..? Some say pressure from the Indonesian or Dutch politics.

This flag was made by the Papuans when it was still a colony of NL. The RedWhiteBlue shows the connection with the Dutch. Who facilitated the Papuans towards SelfDetermination. However because of pressure from the USA they where forced to stop this proces and with the cover up of the UnitedNations WestPapua was sold and handed over to Indonesia in '63.

The DutchNewGuinea veterans still hold the CallForFreedom of the WestPapuans in their Hearts and once a year they show this by carrying the Sampari at the official annual Veterans parade.

We think it is absurd to ban the Sampari and call upon all people to collect their flags, create new flags and support the DutchNewGuinea veterans in their right to carry the flag they helped create and protect. And by doing so promote the right of self determinations of the People of WestPapua ♥


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