Dagelijkse archieven: 29 april 2014

Sunday May 11 – 19 h – Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

Are borders inherently violent? Can we imagine a world without borders? What would that look like? On the 11th of May Redmond, UndocumentedNL and activist Ramona Sno host an evening about the violence of borders, immigration and being undocumented.

We will screen short clips of documentaries about stories of criminalised immigration around the world. The clips serve as starting off points for the main event of the evening; a conversation between invited radical thinkers and actvists who will share their thoughts on why societies fear and criminalize immigration and how we can imagine & work towards a world that looks different. We will also focus on the role we as a ‘general public’ have. How can we more beyond solidarity and charity and take responsibility for a system in which we’re complicit?

By joining the conversation you will also contribute to a small fund to buy baby supplies for four pregnant, undocumented ladies whose due dates are between now and September. The profits of the event will go to this fund. These women are part of the undocumented communities in Amsterdam at the Vluchthaven and other communities living in squats in the city.

On Wednesday April 23 2014 two of this event’s organizers visited two of the women at the Vluchthaven and the four of them compiled a list of much needed supplies. You are also more than welcome to donate any goods you might have. You can bring them with you to OT301 on the night of this event.

Both the donated goods and the raised funds will be divided between the two women who are still at the Vluchthaven and the two who have been relocated to an asylum centre.

Homemade soup and vegetarian pasties will be sold from 7pm to 8pm, so come by early and enjoy a snack or two before the conversation!

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For more information about the organisations and speakers involved, please check:
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