In Solidarity with the striking asylum-seekers in Amsterdam

Our comrades in Amsterdam who have been since several months standing for
their basic rights as tent-camp action, came today, Nov. the 27th, again in
the streets. They made a demonstration today to protest against a new
decision of the Dutch government, threatening them to evacuate their
tent-camp on Nov. 30th. As they have already stated clearly in their
demonstration announcement*, they went into the street to show that apart
from these aggressive tactics, they will keep standing until receiving
their demands. On the other hand, where else they could go, when most of
them, as “illegalized” people by the state rules do not have any other
places to stay than the streets! While they have been deprived from all
their human rights, now they are asked to stop protesting against their
inhuman conditions and just to go somewhere beyond the public visions! But
as they already repeatedly mentioned, when no real solution is offered,
continuing the protest is the only thing that they could do for their

We, the striking asylum-seekers from the refugee tent-action in Berlin,
are publishing this statement to demonstrate our deepest solidarity with
our comrades in Amsterdam and their valuable resistance. We wish we could
be there today with our friends to stand with them shoulder by shoulder,
and to shout together against the common chains that have imprisoned us in
the same ways and for the same reasons, despite the national borders that
we are confined in.

We think that we all have the same oppressed situation and now we are glad
to see that our voices are repeated more loudly and courageous from
different countries in Europe and even in Australia.

We strongly demand all activists in Netherlands and neighboring countries
to support the resistance of striking asylum seekers in Amsterdam and
particularly, to help them protect their tent-camp, which is under the
threaten of evacuation on Nov. the 30th.

It’s a big responsibility for all humans to be the voices and hands of
those who are battling against the systematical reproduction of inequality,
violence and discriminations!

We are determined to rise up and stand together!

With Solidarity!

Refugee tent- action, Berlin


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